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// owner & filmmaker //


Dorian is President and CEO of Motion Filmworks, based in Charleston, SC. He is an innovative film producer that fuses creativity with technology, creating story-driven films for clients that value an original approach to marketing and branding. The latest production technology combines with imaginative storytelling to beautifully embrace this rapidly evolving marketplace. The company specializes in video and imagery for website content, advertisement, and social media platforms, which are critical in contributing highly to the brand recognition that every business deserves today.


Dorian lived aboard his parents cruising sailboat during his early formative years and traveled the world. This unique experience has led to an outlook on life that truly inspires his work. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business & Video/Audio Production from Loyola University in New Orleans and currently collaborates with a diverse clientele including signature hotels, restaurants, corporate businesses, and entrepreneurs alike. His natural ability to produce on set, edit, and create content quickly and artistically, enables him to deliver an outstanding final product that is defining the leading edge of video production today.

Photo Studio

// creative director & photographer  //


Maggie began her career as a photographer and graphic designer, shortly after traveling abroad to Europe. It was there that she discovered her passion to capture and create art digitally to tell meaningful stories with traditional values and unique style. Her desire to travel the world while photographing and filming has presented her with opportunities and experiences that ultimately define her work. At Motion Filmworks Maggie brings a creative edge to our clients and aesthetics to help new businesses brand themselves visually.


Over the years, she has witnessed and embraced the rapid changes in technology yet her foundation remains the same, “Relationships and emotion are what has always driven me. Today it's simple key elements are what we look for in the stories we tell.”


Maggie’s exceptional interpersonal skills play a very important part in her success. Her distinctive style is ever-evolving and a true compliment to businesses seeking something unique and state of the art. Her business degree and eagerness to study marketing trends keep us on top of what’s happening in today’s market and all creative avenues.

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