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Produce a promotional video for Fujifilm's global release of the new 18mm f/1.4 lens, featuring Fujifilm Creator Ben Chrisman, to be featured on the Fujifilm X Photographers website. There was just one guideline for our video production, our team had to film using the Fujifilm X-T5 cameras. Together we chose a remote location where we’d be able to document this lens story with Ben on a real photo shoot.



Create a 4-minute brand video that portrays Ben’s artistic journey using the new FUJIFILM XF 18mm f/1.4 lens. Our crew decided to take Ben and his subjects out on a boat to the beach of Morris Island in Charleston, SC for an engagement session. We documented the entire journey and witnessed firsthand Ben’s passion for transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary photographs. An authentic interview was filmed to serve as the narrative of this video and tie everything together. Read Ben Chrisman’s full review of the 18mm f/1.4 on Fujifilm’s website here

colorful photograph of engagement couple at sunset taken by Ben Chrisman
Photo of a couple at the beach walking into the sunset at Morris Island in Charleston, SC photographed by Ben Chrisman



Ben Chrisman

Co-Founder, Chrisman Studios

Photographer in Charleston, SC

It's rare to find a company that can pay attention to the details as well as the big picture like Motion Filmworks. Their films not only find a way to tell the story, but do so in a creative, compelling and expansive way that would make anyone want to watch and learn more. They are true pros.

A photograph of Erin Chrisman owner of Chrisman Studios where shes smiling for hte camera with a natural background outside

Erin Chrisman

Co-Founder, Chrisman Studios

Photographer in Charleston, SC

Motion Filmworks is the only company you should be talking to for business branding films in Charleston. We recently commissioned Dorian and Maggie to create a film for a Fujifilm promo we were selected to appear in for a camera company that we represent (we are photographers). The company asked us to find our own filmmakers for this project. We were BLOWN AWAY by the final product, and also their extreme professionalism. They had everything handled from start to finish, and we never had to worry about anything. Dorian has a vision for his projects, and he deeply cares. He's also a perfectionist, which is what you want with something like this! These guys put their all into a project, and will guide it, and guide you, to the finish line with confidence and decisiveness. 


The first step in our simplified process is to set up a 15 minute discovery phone call. Here we learn more about your organization, share goals and discuss investment options for your film.

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