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Our onboarding film serves as a powerful tool for welcoming new hires, showcasing the exciting opportunities, collaborative work environment, and career growth within the beer distribution industry. By highlighting the company's mission, innovation, and commitment to employees, this film aims to educate and inspire those joining the Gulf team.


Gulf Distributing, a comprehensive beverage distributor, represents various beer and beverage suppliers. This video highlights their warehouse employees, cutting-edge facilities, skilled sales and marketing team, and their consistent service to retail accounts across the Mississippi and their three-state territory.

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Beer Glass


Below is the content we produced for Gulf Distributing. Here you can see the Brand Story Video placed on their website and their social media videos.

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Gulf Distribution Company logo

Rebecca Maisel, Senior Vice President

Gulf Distributing LLC

The best of the best. The Motion Filmworks team are fun and professional, and they turned a couple of days of shooting into an excellent video that will be an asset to our company for years to come. Their pricing is reasonable, and the finished product is solid gold. Would recommend 100x over! Thanks so much, Motion Filmworks!

Female marketing associate being interviewed by Motion Filmworks with two Canon C 300 camers, professional lighting in the warehouse
Gulf Distribution Company logo

Amy Baldwin, Director of Marketing & Organizational Developement

Gulf Distributing LLC

The Motion Filmworks team made a lasting impression on us with their extensive understanding of the corporate filmmaking process! Our film turned out exactly as we had envisioned, thanks to the meticulous planning and hard work that Motion invested in our project.

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