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Our commercial video production services include both Raw Footage delivery and Full-Service options. We tailor productions to meet customers' needs based on the scope of the project.

Half-day video production with raw footage delivery starts at $2,200. Our Kickstart Content Package starts at $4,900.  Most clients book multi-day productions with a budget range of $15,000 - $25,000. Clients requesting larger productions with expanded crews invest between $25,000 - $55,000. Retainer packages are offered to companies looking to consistently produce video and photography content throughout the year. 

Once we understand the scope of your project we can offer an accurate quote. To get started simply reach out to schedule a discovery call. We respond to inquiries right away.


Modernize your brand, elevate your online presence and drive revenue with our kickstarter package starting at $4,900 which includes the following

Website Banner Video 
(2) 15 second Social Media Videos
15 Branding Images


Motion Filmworks offers a variety of professional video production services that help your brand or organization achieve its goals and drive results. Our creative and professional approach to visual storytelling makes your entire video production process easy and effective.




We have the ability to produce storyboards that bring your creative vision to life and effectively convey your intended message and tone.  Our professional team understands the importance of storyboarding in video production. Trust us to provide expert storyboarding services that will elevate your video production to the next level. Pricing quoted based on the project.

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